MOAR digital 360, the best digital marketing agency in Chennai , we do services in digital marketing, website development, e-commerce solutions, mobile app development, business consultation, and branding. We specialize in creating custom solutions tailored to each client's unique needs.

website Development

Web Designing & Development isn’t just about lines of code; it’s about breathing life into your digital dreams. We’re not just building websites; we’re crafting digital worlds where imagination meets innovation. Every brand has a unique voice, and websites are their digital ambassadors. Web Designing & Development starts with the strategic placement of elements and a deep understanding of user interfaces. The fusion of colors, patterns, animations, and images is the alchemy that transforms a website into a dynamic, engaging space for user interaction.

Web Designing & Development : A Revenue Generator,
Not a Cost

Some business organizations adopt a mindset that positions websites as financial investments, emphasizing the importance of strategic website design and development, is not an expense but a valuable asset. It has the potential to generate four to five times the revenue invested post-launch. As the premier best web design and Development Company in Chennai, MOAR Digital 360 is dedicated to making your investment truly worthwhile. We’re here to ensure it becomes a robust asset for your business.

Why Moardigital360 ?

We believe that we succeed when our clients succeed.
Outstanding Quality

Our websites are expertly designed; marrying advanced technology with creative flair to ensure your online presence is a standout in the digital landscape.

Customer-Centric Approach

We make it our mission to prioritize customer satisfaction and loyalty, shaping products and services to align with their distinct needs and preferences. Our approach revolves around centering the customer in the heart of all business decisions and strategies.

Proven Results

Our success is defined by the real-world impact of the websites we create. Our track record includes the creation of websites that go beyond visual appeal, driving concrete outcomes We uphold our promise to translate visions into successful achievements.

High Performance & Speed

Speed is more than just quick loading times for us; it's the commitment to providing every visitor with a seamless, lightning-fast digital journey that engages and satisfies.

comprehensive services

Our approach to webpage creation is all-encompassing, covering everything from design to optimization, providing you with a fully-equipped, stress-free online presence.

Source Code Security

Secure your source code against external risks using our web solutions, ensuring a robust defense against potential hacker threats.

Our Expertise

web portals

Working seamlessly with web portals, our reach extends to diverse audiences, including customers, business partners, ecommerce users, patients, vendors, and interest-based communities. Web portals are more than just gateways; they're the keys to unlocking a world of possibilities.


Collaborating with over 50 businesses, governmental bodies, and non-profit organizations, we provide websites crafted for corporate presentations and brand building .We prioritize user convenience by incorporating an easy-to-use page editor for dynamic content management across our websites


Our journey began with entry-level shops for startups, and now we specialize in crafting custom Designing E-commerce solutions with a focus on scalability and performance for large-scale and high-growth business environments. Achieving optimal business efficiency is our focus, and we accomplish this by implementing scalable micro services architectures and automating all business processes.


WebApps are your trusty guides in the vast galaxy of the internet. These ingenious tools are the compass that helps you traverse the online terrain. WebApps are the key to streamlining your digital experience and optimizing your online journey.

Your Business, Your Site: Custom Built, High-Performing, and User-Friendly Websites:

MOAR Digital 360, a leading Web Design and Web Development Company in Chennai, operates with a highly skilled and experienced team of web designers and developers.  MOAR Digital 360 recognizes that the pivotal aspects of your website revolve around its visual appeal and user-friendly interface. Achieving a perfect balance, our websites skillfully combine visual appeal with high performance, security, and ease of comprehension. We take pride in developing websites designed for user ease, guaranteeing an exceptional user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How much will it cost to build a basic website?
    The cost of constructing a basic website can fluctuate depending on factors such as design complexity, features, and the expertise of the developer. Generally, a simple static website can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, while a dynamic site with more features may cost upwards of a few thousand dollars.
  • 2. How much will it cost to build an e-commerce website?
    Building an e-commerce website involves more complexity and functionality, affecting the cost . The cost of a basic e-commerce site can begin at a few thousand dollars, whereas a more advanced and customized platform may incur costs in the tens of thousands. Factors like payment gateways, security features, and product complexity influence the overall cost.
  • 3. How long will it take to build a website?
    The time required to build a website depends on its complexity and features. A basic website could take a few days, while a more intricate e-commerce site might take several weeks. Efficient communication with the developer, timely content delivery, and feedback can expedite the process.
  • 4. Which is better – Static or Dynamic website?
    The choice between a static and dynamic website depends on your needs. Static sites are simpler, cost-effective, and suitable for informational purposes. Dynamic websites provide enhanced functionality, rely on databases, and are well-suited for interactive content, frequent updates, or e-commerce. Your decision should align with your business goals.
  • 1. How to build a good website for a small business?
    To build an effective website for a small business:
    • Clearly define your goals and target audience.
    • Keep the design clean, user-friendly, and mobile-responsive.
    • Include essential information about your business.
    • Utilize SEO best practices for better online visibility.
    • Implement clear calls-to-action for user engagement.
    • Regularly update content and ensure site security.
  • 2. How to find a web development company near me?
    To find a web development company in your vicinity:
    • Search online using specific location-based keywords.
    • Utilize business directories and review platforms.
    • Attend local networking events or industry meet-ups.
    • Seek recommendations from other businesses in your area.
    • Check online forums and social media for local recommendations.
    • Ensure to research and review the company's portfolio and client feedback before making a decision.
  • 3. Is SEO Important for My Website?
    Absolutely. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital for better visibility on search engines. Proper keyword optimization, meta tags, and quality content contribute to improved search rankings, driving organic traffic.
  • 4. How Do I Choose the Right Domain Name?
    Select a domain name that reflects your brand, is easy to remember, and relevant to your business. Ensure it's not too long, easy to spell, and preferably includes keywords related to your industry.

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